The facts about food insecurity:

Thirteen percent of Canadians live in a state of food insecurity,

which means they do not have reliable access to adequate

amounts of safe, good-quality, nutritious food. The root cause of

hunger in Canada is low income, which consistently affects more

than four million of us at any given time.









Food banks are an important method of addressing this need.

Each month, over 850,000 people in Canada turn to food banks

for help; more than one-third are children and youth.

The people who visit food banks come from all backgrounds.

They include families with children, employed people whose low

wages do not cover basic living essentials, individuals on social

assistance, and Canadians living on a fixed income, including

seniors and people with disabilities

The Local Picture


                       Food Banks Canada compile a Hunger Count all across

                       our country in March of every year. Our Hunger Count

                       taken in March 2017 showed that we served 721

                       individuals in that month. 33% of those served were

                       children ages 0 to 17. 66% were adults.

                       637 hampers distributed.



                              Household Type:

                              18 % are single parent families

                              15% are two-parent families

                              12% are couples with no children

                              49% single people

Housing Type:

4% own their own home

56% are rental market tenants

29% are social housing tenants

11% live in band-owned housing, are people living on the street

and in shelters, and people living with family and friends


Primary Source of Income:

17% Employed with full-time income

5% Employment Insurance

25% Social Assistance

25% Disability-related income support

10% Pension

18% Other (student loans, no income, other income)


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